A workspace basically refers to a docker container, running a specific stack (a set of preinstalled software). Within, the default and only stack is the Silexica stack, with all necessary tools preinstalled.

Create new workspace

To create a new workspace, you can go to the Dashboard and click Create Workspace.

If you create a new workspace for the first time, the Silexica stack will be preselected. If you already created workspaces before, one of those will be preselected as a starting point.

Select a template

The Create Workspace dialog offers a list of sample projects to start with. You can select one of those to create your workspace. If you plan to use your own code, usermake or usercmake are the right starting points.

You can place any number of projects into a workspace.

Projects are combinations of modules, folders and files. Projects can be mapped 1:1 to a source code repository. If a project is given a type, then will active plug-ins related to that type. For example, projects with the maven project type will automatically get the Java plug-in, which provides a variety of intellisense for Java projects.