You can place any number of projects into a workspace.

Projects are combinations of modules, folders and files. Projects can be mapped 1:1 to a source code repository. If a project is given a type, then will activate plug-ins related to that type. For example, projects with the maven project type will automatically get the Java plug-in, which provides a variety of intellisense for Java projects.


A module is a portion of a project that can have sets of commands run against it where the sub-directory is treated as the root working directory. Modules make it possible to organize a single repository into multiple, independently buildable and runnable units. To create a module, right click on a folder in the IDE explorer tree and select Create Module. You can then execute commands directly against this module.


You can step into or out of the project tree. If you step into a folder, that folder will be set as the project tree root and the explorer will redraw itself. All commands are then executed against this folder root.